Elementary School Extension

The new building adds 6 classrooms, toilets and dressing room to the existing school building dating from modern era of the last century.

The old building represents an exemplary antetype of the school object. The new extension is designed to leave it its importance and endorse it by the shape. Though it respects the old building, it still has to be a decent and motivating place for children to learn in.

The main massing have had to respect the existing corridor connecting to the back of the old building. The two storey extension leaves a large entrance courtyard in between the buildings. It serves as a large play area for the kids.

The cubic form of the extension is dominated by the bathrooms on the ground floor, next to the entrance. The main lavatory area – an interactive space for all users - provides a visual connection to the common areas through the glassed walls on two sides.

A traditional reinforced concrete structure and brick walls  are articulated by a floor to ceiling windows. The system of exterior sun shades is appllied in front of the main insulated facades. Its form is designed according to the sun’s trajectory, willing to provide the best visual and thermal comfort in classes throughout the day. The colour respects the old school building.

Forced air ventilation with heat recovery is in combination with radiant floor heating system.
Total annual energy consumption is below 50 kWh/m2.


Project: Elementary School in Velká Chuchle

Location: Velká Chuchle, Prague, Czech Republic

Completion: 2012

Area: 615 sqm




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